The Mass: Four Encounters with Jesus That Will Change Your Life

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Tom teaches with dynamism, humor and with many references to the Scriptures, Catholic Tradition, the lives of Saints and with stories from his own life. Tom and Kari Curran often hear comments like that by participants in this Program. In their own unique way, Tom and Kari break open St.

With an engaging and endearing style, they share insights and stories from their own married life, but draw in participants with a whole new way of seeing the Lord Jesus present and active in their marriage and family life, and provide many tools for growing families in faith. What happens to our children through their exposure to the digital world of the internet with the forces of pornography, cyberbullying, self-harm and videogaming exerting pressure upon them at every turn?

In this program, Dr.

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Tom and Kari Curran pull up the curtain and expose the reality of what is happening in the world of our youth today. Pages can include considerable notes-in pen or highlighter-but the notes cannot obscure the text.

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Mass: Four Encounters with Jesus That Will Change Your Life

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The Mass: Four Encounters with Jesus That Will Change Your Life

Available From More Booksellers. About the Book. We may think we know Jesus well enough, but this "renewed personal encounter" will involved renewing what I know about Jesus. The daily gospels are a good place to start. Each day, I can get a snapshot of what Jesus said and did.

The Jesus with whom I want to grow in a greater friendship today is the same person who talked with sinners, who wasn't afraid of embracing marginal people or poor people. The Jesus who was passionate in defending those people, against the attacks of the religious people of his day, has the same passionate compassion for me today. Gradually, I can develop a renewed attraction and affection for Jesus. The more attracted I am to Jesus' style, the more I will want to tell him that. And, in our ongoing, brief conversations at various points in the day, I will make the connections between what I'm drawn to in Jesus and what is going on in my life.

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I feel so harsh in comparison today. I snapped at my spouse this morning, before the day really started. Not much tenderness there.

I'm already felt sorry for myself and felt jealous and angry at two people today. Not much like your ready openness to be stopped and drawn into a difficult situation, with such freedom. I'm growing in the desire to imitate you, even today, Jesus. So, help me be more conscious of how I can do that this afternoon. It was packed. I feel good about parts of it.

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You know the parts were I choose work over people, or chose what was best for me over working with others. So, now as I get closer to home, let me shift gears and enter my home, with my heart connected with yours. I know how I can tend to treat my family. And, I use my crazy day as an excuse to do that.

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Let me leave the day behind and come home with a desire to be more like you in my availability, my patience and my giving myself to be a healer and a consoler in my family. Thanks for your friendship. I feel that you are at my side and I'm not doing all this alone. I simply couldn't experience this renewal of our relationship without your grace.

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Once we get into the habit of having these very ordinary, but personal conversations with Jesus, we will find ourselves enjoying them very much and that with them will come several powerful graces. The first is what Francis calls joy which is itself evangelical. That is, when we are joyful at the loving relationship we have with Jesus - who became one of us and died for our sins and was raised to set us free from sin and death - it shows. The easiest "good news" to believe in is when we see it in the lives of others.