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A lighthearted story interspersed with great doses of humor. An easy to read story which captures and entertains the reader. Text and illustrations combine in a whole that exudes poetry in a variety of meters, rhymes and structures.

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The text is rhythmically rich, with finely wrought verses which breathe the air of freedom. Delacre, Lulu, il. Bilingual Scholastic; Blg Rep edition, Gr. These are classiwww. The text encourages reader participation by inviting readers to engage in the word play and then suggesting that they invent their own riddles. The objective is to provide an approach to that culture for beginning readers. Among the subjects covered are the world of the pharaohs, the pyramids, commerce and trade, and the daily life of ancient Egyptians. All the information is presented by means of an explicative text and full color illustrations that introduce a series of elements which the reader must locate.

Although they do find him, it is not at all easy to make him fight in the battles against the enemy. An interesting reflection on the limits of greed and more specifically on the use of animals in conflicts between men. Algar, Fiction. One day, when the entire region is being desolated by devastating fires, his granddaughter Celia leaves him to care for Francisquito, and both old man and youngster talk about the fires, since anguish cares nothing about age. To lessen it, both of them plant a small tree seedling in a chamber pot, for later replanting in the soil when the fire is finally extinguished.

Siruela, Fiction. Looking for a home, Cactus finds a group of characters that share something with him: solitude. This pleasantly eccentric story proposes a journey in which we discover the importance of recognizing the true values which should guide our path. One word and one painting accompanied each letter of the alphabet i. This is a good book for introducing this cultural celebration to young students of Spanish. Combel, Informative Works and Reference Works. The text evinces two peculiarities: it is rhymed and possesses some of the narrative nuances of a story.

Overall, this is a pleasant and informative book which the child will enjoy, in large measure because he will conclude that what is being shown forms part of his or her own experience. Turtleback Books Distributed by Demco Media, Advanced Set in Caracas, Venezuela, this is the true story of an urban community that fights to build a park for their children in the middle of a sprawling city.

This is a great book to use with older students since it deals with issues like freedom, fairness, and socioeconomic issues. Alba, Informative Works and Reference Works. With great literary quality and warmth, the book recounts unknown aspects of the cantaor flamenco singer , as told by sound technicians, fellow artists, friends. Sometimes biography veers into reportage as we discover about the cantaor, his adventures and his friends, and the lyrics he wrote to music.

The illustrations abound in details, some of which are very witty. Through observation, the pre-reader will stimulate his ability to explore and maintain attention. This is an interesting offering which allows adults to work with children in reading images. La Galera, Fiction. The author classifies the games as either circle songs or skip rope songs and reveals www. Retana, with his splendid watercolors, transcends the amusing poetry of the texts, and evokes, with the great expressivity of his drawing, the forms and colors of the plazas and streets where poetry emerges from the games of the people.

Ediciones de la Torre, Poetry. Humor abounds in this unique buccaneer saga. On her birthday, they will all arrange a lovely surprise party for her at the marine circus and that way Carmina will feel proud of being so strange. The book includes two games: one is a question and answer game and the other is an observation game designed so that youngsters can assimilate the concepts presented.

The book also contains a photographs album of the poet and an anthology of her intense poems, besides the watercolor illustrations provided by one of her students, the Almerian painter Dionisio Godoy. This futuristic tale, in which the authorities assume almost absolute power to protect both the individual and the common interest, poses the eternal dilemma of striking a balance between individual liberty and the collective interests of survival, continuity of life, and the perpetuation of established values and institutions.

Cromosoma, Fiction. Disputes will arise among them as they try to win the love of the beautiful Miel and try to be elected to the esteemed position of shaman. Whomever helps the jungles, whomever coexists with the plants and animals and speaks their language, will receive their help when he or she needs it. San Pablo, Fiction.

White Wolf asks the shaman to teach him his arts, and the old man does so by having him undergo several trials. Once his training is complete, White Wolf is ready to become shaman in the near future. Lectorum Publications, Poetry With many plays of words, puns and adivinanzas, Chamario will delight readers.

The illustrations are playful and child-like and match well the playful tone of the short poems on familiar themes i. Some of the language may be challenging for beginners, but the rhyme and repetition will work well in the intermediate classroom if supported by illustrations. A creative Santa Claus story aimed at both sides of the border. Appropriate for year olds. Prensas Universitarias de Zaragoza, X Poetry. These are brief observations, akin to poetic images, which focus on the details of reality and show them in an ingenious, shocking, and often very humorous light.

One thing is certain: they are always surprising. Oniro, Informative Works and Reference Works. Facts are included about the atmosphere and pressure, weather phenomena, eclipses, tides, the solar system, constellations, the signs of the Zodiac, the exploration of space, the dance of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun, planets, shooting stars, the Milky Way and other galaxies. Also included are experiments, a test of the sky and a mini dictionary of space. By means of experiments, tricks, and challenges, this work allows the reader to discover new aspects of the natural sciences.

The child will learn by experimenting with an approach to the natural sciences that is both playful and fun. Each www. With simple texts and excellent color illustrations, the book shows the characteristics and way of life of these birds, from their physiological make-up to their daily life: their long trips, where they nest, how they obtain food and how they relate to the rest of the family.

Also included are a guide to further research on the Internet and a questionnaire. Larousse, Informative Works and Reference Works. The work is organized by subjects, which allows the reader to go directly to the section of interest. First, there is an exposition of history of cinema, from its origins to the digital age. Another section details the complete process of producing a film: script, filming, and editing.

The work also provides an overview of the great figures of the cinema as well as a brief summary of the one hundred best movies of all time. A glossary to help the reader understand terms from the world of the cinema is included. The illustrations are warm and rich. Although the text can be challenging for non-native speakers of Spanish, it is particularly useful for a unit on the Day of the Dead or migration.

In this book, she offers a total of 30 imaginative and easy to follow recipes with fun presentations that children will enjoy as well as their agreeable and delicious results.

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Actual esmeraldas birthday esmeralda the rainbow book 6 pdf ebooks. Find esmeraldas birthday esmeralda the rainbow book 6 immediately. Esmeralda is going to be eight years old and she knows it will be a lucky year for her--a time when most of her wishes may come true, although not always in the.

By way of the introduction, the work features 10 practical and useful suggestions and classifies the recipes in various chapters according to the foodstuffs used, like vegetables, fish, meat, and dairy products. The texts are clear and the instructions are precise. A glossary of ingredients is included. Given that all children experience an egotistical stage, the author avers that overcoming the conflictive situation will come naturally and innocently: nothing or nobody will convince them of the imporwww. An engrossing and moving story. Twelve-year-old Ana Rosa sits atop the cherished gri-gri tree and absorbs Dominican life in all its richness.

She filches little bits of paper to write her poems, wishing to one day become a recognized writer, a dangerous profession in a country ruled by a repressive dictatorship. Lynn captures Dominican culture —dancing the merengue, eating huge plates of rice pudding, etc. An excellent choice for children ages 2 through 4 years. Macmillan, Fiction. Cromosoma, Informative Works and Reference Works. Children are instructed on how to paint using their fingertips dipped in color inks. From this simple idea, and using only an ink pad and their fingers, boys and girls are able to draw amusing characters.

This simple and original book is easy to follow and has a notable aesthetic dimension, providing children with a fun way to develop their creativity and imagination. He describes the environment and age in which Copernicus lived, the Renaissance, a time of great scientific discoveries and innovations.

Using two key works by Copernicus, the author analyzes the basis of his heliocentric model, which revolutionized science by postulating that Earth and the rest of the planets revolve around the Sun. Each chapter contains insets which offer definitions or clarify terms, plus a very practical summary of the key elements of the subject under discussion.

Alianza, Fiction. Campo, F. Isabel and Ada, Alma Flor, tr. Harcourt, Gaviota, Fiction. But one day, like a cold and sad wind, war comes and settles in the www. The war is relentless and brings soldiers and death. Libros del Zorro Rojo, Fiction. The suggestive narrative voice invites us to enjoy a story with the flavor of the past, in a magnificently realized setting, which produces a shiver which owes as much to pleasure as to fear. There are expressions by those characters which transcended the vignettes and many of the series have become fixed forever in the mind of successive generations.

Lumen, Fiction. Sowing seeds and putting books in the hands of children are not such different tasks. This story is told in a poetic voice that provides with a rich and carefully-worked text. Ediciones de la Torre, Fiction. In this book, one can enjoy narratives associated with the Motherland to a series of sketches of supernatural beings like the golden-haired she-demons or the cruel and terrible Tartalo.

There is also complete appendix at the end which explains the origin and motives of Basque mythology and its relation to classical mythology. Juventud, Fiction. In reality, it is life itself that Quiroga depicts in his stories. Timun Mas, Fiction. They present fun and ingenious situations which in no way resemble stereotypical monster characters.

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The author combines fantasy and humor in the stories, as well as touches of suspense. Planeta-Oxford, Fiction. For example, in Africa there are also evil witches who pursue children, although they ride hyenas instead of broomsticks. Miraguano, Fiction. The stories contain all elements associated with the oral tradition of Western Africa.

The selection is accompanied by complementary material which helps to situate the country and to explain the culture of the Djerma-Songhai peoples. Atheneum Libros Infantiles, For older children ages A mixture of popular tales and literary lore, this anthology celebrates Latino culture and its many roots —Indigenous, African, Arab, Hebrew, and Spanish—. Four leading Latino artists brilliantly illustrate the twelve stories in this collection, which embody the lively spirit and the rich heritage of Latino people. Combel, Fiction. He will awaken the interest of young readers because his adventures are full of sympathy, good humor and innocence.

Ganges weaves a delicate story of friendship in which the goal is reached thanks to the support of a parrot. A simple and tender tale. The letter-writing campaign that ensues becomes a learning process as the scribe uses it to teach the boy, not only the mechanics of letter writing and composition, but also the cultural value of respecting the elders. Delightful illustration and verse. Large and small colorful illustrations decorate almost every page of this collection.

Edelvives, Poetry. The guilty party is a playful witch who is bored because she has no friends and comes up with all sorts of pranks to have fun. Julieta and her dog will come upon the witch and ask to be her friends. Consumed by Paintings! Blume, Informative Works and Reference Works. By means of a game of intrigue set in a museum, readers are introduced to an artist and to one of his most representative works. The book includes a glossary of the most important art terms, as well as information about artistic movements and the paintings under discussion.

Its principal merit derives from not being satisfied with a good idea and paying close attention to the production of work. In this sense, the illustrations deserve special mention. Furthermore, the book has achieved an appropriate level of difficulty: not too easy it would be devoid of interest nor too difficult it would frustrate the reader. El Aleph, X Fiction. Everyone helps and contributes real facts, testimonies and personal opinions, which Carlota adds here and there to the pages of her diary. This book stresses the participation of all as an important value, but also notions such as listening to others, having fun, and learning to tell stories.

In addition to championing these fundamental values, the stories themselves are really amusing and are written in simple, pleasant style. The selection is organized by theme and contains two search www. The small and easy to use publication format make this dictionary an ideal reference tool for students. Alianza, Informative Works and Reference Works. The entries selected reflect events, historical periods, institutions and some social and cultural phenomena, although political events predominate.

Also included are political parties and movements, along with concepts that have special historical significance. In addition, biographical sketches are provided. The dictionary compiles some 1, entries in total. Tecnos, Informative Works and Reference Works. Scholastic; 2nd edition, Intermediate Through her folksy and colorful illustrations, Jeanette and Jonah Winter tell the tale of Diego Rivera —the famous and sometimes infamous Mexican www.

This is a useful book for use in a thematic unit on Mexican artists. Bilingual Dutton Juvenile, Gr. Pk-1 This vibrantly illustrated bilingual collection of songs and finger rhymes are a perfect way to integrate music from the Latino cultures into the early childhood classroom. An accompanying CD is available for those who do not speak Spanish or cannot carry a tune. Diez Deditos is the second song and rhyme collection produced by Orozco and Kleven. The bear is a clear example of a cronopio, that is, a being who sees reality from another point of view, who is on the margin, in this case in the plumbing of a building.

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La Galera, Poetry. By means of simwww. This book is full of freshness, good humor, kindness, and fun. Gaviota, X Fiction. Kactus is acting somewhat strangely because of a past confrontation with Turkano, an African sorcerer, and Luna must now confront the Maori sorcerer Whatonga. Overcoming fear and the solidarity of the group will be the keys that allow the friends to acquit themselves gracefully in the situation.

There is no palliative for true pain. The traumatized mind of the young girl indulges in fantasy, tolerates music and acknowledges her father, but the emptiness of her heart is so profound that she can only ask questions that have no answers or questions that always end in the inexorable reality of death. Faith is useless and she will never yield or surrender to resignation. This story is as beautiful and as cruel as life. Morristown, N.

Colorful sketches alternate with text. Children become aware of the value of having dreams even though they may not be attainable. On that journey, the father learns much about himself, about nature, and about family love and human solidarity, and offers readers an example of interior strength, perseverance and good will. Miguel, a budding musician, decides to join his aunts and uncles in Phoenix, AZ, and departs, taking with him a biography of Mozart and a childhood clay flute.

An incredible and uniquely American coming-of-age story. Various, il. The book also introduces foods and words that originated in indigenous communities and connects accomplishments of the past and modern life. Artwork by three distinguished Mexican artists complements the inspiring text. His work—writing an article—leads to investigate the strange circumstances which surround the death of a young woman linked to a religious sect led by a group of persons who take advantage of the beliefs and naivety of their followers.

Those events take place in parallel with his family life; he is recently divorced and his daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. The denouement of the plot holds in store a surprise that will challenge his beliefs and turn his life around. Serbal, Informative Works and Reference Works. Physical activities can contribute many benefits to our health, as well as prevent some illnesses. The main idea of the reading is that playing sports is advantageous, both physically and socially. The author provides a list of websites to expand our knowledge of the subject.

Included are genealogical trees which help the reader to disentangle the intricate web of relationships established by the dwellers of Olympus. Translated Libros Viajeros by Harcourt Books It is probably more appropriate for older audiences From the point of view of a young boy, we read the story of how the Spaniards arrived on the island of San Salvador and met the Taino people. The boy, mistrusting the newcomers, tries to warn his people, but nobody listens because he is just a boy. Now an old man, he keeps on telling this story of how foreigners came to his land, took their language and traditions, and mixed with them until they were not the same any longer.

In this case, two towns separated by a river, Omblivicus and Figueras, have lived in mutual hatred for centuries. But first confrontation, and then rapprochement, between the children of both towns result in a gradual reconciliation. This interesting work is a reflection on the danger of borders and barriers between human beings and on the need to create links and bonds that go beyond the origins or customs of each.

Thule, Fiction. The hedgehog was very angry. The appetizing fruit was within view of his eyes, but out of reach of his teeth.


And none of the animals that passed by were willing to help him. RBA Serres, Fiction. By means of an ironic and humorous focus, full of wit and wile, the attention of the reader is led toward an unexpected ending where he finds an uncommon situation: the female assumes the dominant role in the couple and shows her spouse the politically correct way to act. While he satisfies his contemplative thirst, his mother desperately insists that he come down to eat. An ingenious and surreal plot, illustrated with suggestive scenes that show the impetuous building process on which the protagonist is bent.

But a sudden tragedy shatters that dream, forcing Esperanza and Mama to flee to California and settle in a Mexican farm labor camp. A genuine, compelling immigration story. The love between grandmother and grandaughter serves as a bridge to heal that fracture and makes possible a www. From the intimacy of the home, deep feelings, tenderness, laughter and tears are interwoven and transmit, above all, strength and hope.

Stanzas and illustrations for her treasures capture her love of its natural beauty and living things and seal them in her memories as her love, light, and valuable little pearls. Montena, Fiction. The relevant references to great writers of the genre, like Edgar Allan Poes, complete this magnificent book. Coleccion Rimas y Adivinanzas, Grades Pk - 2 This is an enchanting and humorous retelling of an old Chinese fable by beloved Venezuelan poet Aquiles Nazoa.

A beautiful, but also pretentious and ambitious, little mouse named Hortensia rejects the love of Alfredito, her humble neighbor and friend as she embarks on a quest to find the most powerful suitor to marry her. With eloquent and inspiring comments from Sandra Cisneros and Pat Mora. Algaida, Fiction. In this book, focused on the folktale and local customs, the reader gains access to four traditional stories populated by peasants, kings, soldiers and fantastic animals, and through them enters the marvelous world of oral tradition narratives.

The work stands out above all for its sense of humor, in reality, the main protagonist of the story about friendship. Because of their themes and their form, these poems are apt and interesting for boys and girls who are just beginning to read poetry. Calayatud creates, in turn, a parallel visual universe in continuous dialogue with the verses. The work closes with a basic biography of the poet accompanied by photographs. This is a story about Felipa, a young girl who lives in the Andes and misses her recently passed grandmother.

Felipa walks and walks trying to get there, but it is too far away www. Several practical exercises are offered, each mark according to the level of difficulty: low, medium, or high. The applied experiments with water are varied, from building a water clock to a waterwheel. All experiments are preceded by brief theoretical explanation. Lectorum Publications, Grades The beautifully written text and refreshing watercolor and pastel illustrations make this a delightful book to read aloud as well as for independent reading.

As the tree grows, the boy discovers the miracle of creation, and when the tree finally blooms, it brings a beautiful surprise. Brosquil, Fiction. Arthur A. Levine Books; illustrated edition, Intermediate This book tells the story of the often tragic life of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. This is a good introduction to a thematic unit on Frida or Mexican artists. The colorful watercolors occupy a prominent role and depict clearly the scenes of the story and the beautiful landscape of the Southwest area of the United States during the colonial times.

While he is beset by superficial existential doubts, his parents and his brother die in a traffic accident. Alvaro will inherit the family fortune, but bad company and not knowing what he wants lead him to death. He wanted to enjoy the time he had left fishing in his boat, as he used to do, and talking with Her, his wife who had left him some years back. This reprint covers and dissects the different environments that make up the park, with their respective plant and animal species.

The objective of the author, besides showing the park, is to raise awareness about respecting animals and www. Through this book the reader gets to know Gasol, not only in the professional but also in personal sphere, from the early years of his life, when he attended school and started playing basketball, to the present day, when he becomes a star in the NBA with the Memphis Grizzlies. The book is full of personal anecdotes, experiences and photographs which draw us closer to this sports figure. Rayo; Bilingual edition, Poetry This bilingual book contains poems written around themes relating to agricultural workers in California.

The imagery in the illustrations is strong and colorful, while the poetry is simple and straight-forward yet deep in meaning and symbolism. There is good vocabulary in the book and it is particularly useful for reciting poetry with young students. This book describes, as if it were a story, the basic needs of a cat. A brief introductory profile of each one is included, along with an interesting study of the group.

The preface is a complex text, with constant turns, which achieves its objective: to leave the reader perplexed. The plates maintain the tone, this time expressed in nib or in pencil, and reflect the encounter of swift brushstrokes, satire, www. Lastly, the interview shows the tense relationship between interviewer and illustrator, and the vision the latter has of his trade. Readers will not remain unmoved and probably will return to the work for repeated readings.

SM, Fiction. The book covers subjects like orphans, obesity, fear, loneliness, friendship and father-son relationships. A boy at camp decides to play a practical joke during the night with the light from the screen of his cellular phone. Zoel becomes afraid and suffers an accident that causes him to be hospitalized for several days. In the hospital room, Zoel begins to write his memoirs. This is a story about personal growth with a pacifist message which provokes reflection on the essential questions that concern a human being. He wants to climb to the top of the great snowy mountain, but he knows what a difficult task it is.

Camel, Kangaroo and Yak want to accompany him. A precious animal story in which friendship and achievement play a major role. The power of comradeship and the hope of fulfilling a dream are the principal engines for reaching the goal. A book that will encourage children to work together and to try to discover and value the special qualities that each of them possesses. This title is dedicated to Gutenberg and the printing press and provides readers with a story and an animation episode in printed form and in DVD.

The content is basic and easy to understand and guides readers on a journey through the history of the book. El espejo Oriana the Fairy. The Tree. Talis, Fiction. On the one hand, there is a fantasy story about good and bad fairies, which extols values like friendship and solidarity and promotes environmental conservation. Both texts are short. The first reinvents the story of the www. The second is an adventure where nature asks to be respected. Salamandra, For older children ages Harry Potter thinks he is an ordinary boy until he is rescued by an owl, taken to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learns to play Quidditch and does battle in a deadly duel.

The affectionate and charming first in the wildly popular series about a most sympathetic hero and his magically delightful world. Bilingual Rayo, Gr. The simple text, perfect for beginning readers, is complemented by soft, watercolor illustrations comprised of simple lines and details. Nothing seems familiar and she thinks that everybody has confused her with another person called Ada.

Subsequent events will lead her to assume that identity and live another life. She parwww. Finally, she discovers that the beings which surround her are forces of nature destined to complete a crucial mission. The narrative recounted in the first person by the protagonist, immerses the reader in such a way as to unravel the complex storyline, which mixes mythological elements with elements of the juvenile universe.

His mother, who was more restless, left them to go live with the modern pirate Barbaverde. Rock The First Hispanic Groups: , and covers musical trends in Spain from the second half of the s to The book provides an exhaustive survey of Spanishspeaking pop and rock groups, and discusses phenomena like the birth of jazz rock with a Hispanic tinge and ethnic elements derived from flamenco, Andalusian rock, and the magical symbiosis between rock and Mediterranean music achieved by musicians from the eastern half of the peninsula.

The so-called Rainbow Warriors, the crew of the Rainbow Warrior, protected animals from indiscriminate hunting, monitored the pollution of the ocean or the use of deadly nets. This story will raise awareness among readers about the importance of protecting the environment. The end of the book is a fold-out mural with historical facts about this celebrated Greenpeace ship.

Nivola, Informative Works and Reference Works. The authors select the most relevant events that have contributed to the development. The book is not intended to be an exhaustive survey of all mathematical milestones, but only to show the evolution and origins of some. Besides highlighting the great mathematical ideas, the work also provides information about the persons who conceived them. It follows the classic outline of fairy stories: it begins with a disgrace, follows with the www.

The author uses humor and irony to draw us closer to a world of princes and princesses, and continually appeals directly to the reader, thereby involving him or her in the story. Planeta, Poetry. He crosses valleys, rivers and deserts where he finds the rest of the numbers from 0 to 9. The journey is long and is not exempt from disappointment and dangers.

In the end, the character-number obtains what he seeks through hard work and effort. Each number represents a different character. This simple beginning serves to show the importance of friendship and the help of others in overcoming problems. The pessimistic attitude of the protagonist, who believes his new home will not be as nice as the old one, paralyzes him when it comes to act, and it will be his neighbors who get him out of that listless mood.

Matilla creates this wrenching www. Instead, what he offers is a committed reflection on the lack of communication produced by segregation, and invites the reader to understand that a physical handicap should not entail spiritual isolation. By feeling loved, the young protagonist discovers the infinite communicative possibilities that his body possesses.

Miga the Ant Falls in Love! On this occasion, readers are approached on the subject of interpersonal relationships. United by the theme of an imaginary lemon grove for the literary objective of having the poets dialogue among themselves and with the reader, the poems praise the sea, flowers, trees and the stars, all elements of a landscape both exterior and interior, and are given expression in papers, that, fortunately for subsequent generations, escaped the bonfires of the Spanish Civil War.

The wonderfully rhymed translation captures the richness of Dr. The novel is multifaceted: one can as easily perceive all the aromas and landscapes of the Mediterranean as become immersed in a tightly-woven plot of urban corruption including a settling of accounts. A fun way to relate common objects to a zoology lesson.

The combination of fantastic photographs with the imaginatively written text offers a unique bestiary apt for all ages. Everest, Informative Works and Reference Works. It describes in detail the function of each element that makes up a computer, it explains in very simple fashion how the most common programs operate, and finally, it draws the user closer to the virtual world of the Internet, by providing basic techniques to gain access to the Web, as well as a numerous listing of useful, interesting and up-to-date sites.

Several sections are included which provide definitions and explanations of computing terms and concepts. The work consists of 47 www. The paintings — colorful, playful, and detailed - are perfect for student descriptions in Spanish. The first is a guide to the instruments that comprise an orchestra and covers tuning, instrument families, and a description of each instrument.

The second features the symphonic fable composed by Jorge Salgueiro as part of a continuing project developed by Foco Musical for primary and pre-scholastic schools. A passion for games, a love of mystery and an exciting plot come together to create a magical story, full of adventures and riddles, to which no one can remain indifferent. Demco Media, Intermediate In Abuela, a young girl and her grandmother fly over the city to view the sights.

The majority of the species described are fairly well-known, since they inhabit all parts of the world. But others like the Mexican mockingbird, the hummingbird or the cardinal are only found in the American continents. Very colorful illustrations and a brief poem accompany the information about each one of the birds. This time the personage and the piece selected are Joaquin Rodrigo and Per la flor del Illiri blau, wose music is inspired by a medieval Valencian legend.

Also included are brief notes about the guitar, some chronological facts and a vocabulary of musical terms. The book comes with a compact disc with selections from the pieces mentioned. She realizes her work has just begun. A survivor of sea perils, she returns to Escobilla to mate, carefully laying her eggs. She senses uncertainty on land and in the sea and is saddened that the nesting days for her kind may be ending. Indeed, this is the story of the sea turtle, an endangered species. Norma, Informative Works and Reference Works.

The book is divided into 35 lessons that include numerous graphic examples illustrated by the author, which help readers to comprehend and master the subject matter. Throughout the work Torres reveals secrets and offers practical advice based on his own experience. The story is beautifully illustrated with watercolors that depict the landscapes and society of that time. In the index we will find the list of games she proposes, as well as the level of difficulty of each one. Also included is a teaching guide filled with practical and useful advice for parents and educators that analyzes the purpose of games of ingenuity, demonstrates how the book should be used, and suggests an appropriate attitude for parents relative to games.

The solutions appear at the end of the book. Libsa, Informative Works and Reference Works. The explanation of each game covers a page in which appears the title, the steps to be followed and two insets: one that lists the materials needed and the number of players required, and another with suggestions about possible variants of the game and things that are disallowed. Word games, addition and subtraction games, games of perception and motor functions, labyrinths, word searches, objects and their shadows, shadow play and other variants, are only some of a wide range of games and riddles included, which increase in difficulty as they are being solved.

They extract the most astonishing results from the simplest experiments imaginable. They demonstrate how to achieve magical effects with a sheet of paper stained with grease and two light bulbs. This book is a continuous game which allows us to easily understand some complex concepts of physics, surely evidence that learning can be a lot of fun. Some playful and mischievous sheep make fun of a wolf while he dresses. The last pages include the music and lyrics of the song. On the ship, little Maria gets lost and only because Josep tells the story to a friend are the brothers able to pursue the truth, the only way which they really have of living in peace with themselves.

An innovative structure which will motivate the child to keep turning the pages to check if his own hypotheses are confirmed. The highly ironic illustrations underscore the playful character of this picture book. Meeting Point [ F ] Kadohata, Cynthia Everest, For older children ages Newbery award-winning story chronicles the close friendship between two Japanese-American sisters growing up in rural Georgia during the late s and early s, and the despair when one sister becomes terminally ill. The work is constituted by three stories starring different characters: two adolescents of exceptional intelligence, a homicide detective and an FBI lieutenant, and a rich businessman.

Lynx, Fiction. One day a lizard crawls into his school backpack and Lolo calls her La. He accidently cuts off her tail and his parents, who find out, decide to take her to the veterinarian. In the end, Lolo will return the lizard to its natural habitat. Two adolescent boys accompany their parents to Paris on a business trip. By chance, they discover an abandoned laboratory, full of sophisticated inventions, one of which is capable of producing terrible hallucinations.

The investigative company Trouton wants to use this machine for a million-dollar project and in order to obtain it, they kidnap one of the youngsters. Artist Maya Christina Gonzalez illustrations are a visual treat as they bring each poem to colorful life. Wry wit and social commentary from the Spanish classic is perfectly adapted for young readers, with engaged color illustrations.

The books are also enchanted: they know how to draw attention to themselves so they will be read or they return on their own to the shelf from whence they came, since they like to be in the company of like-minded books. Thus, the reader encounters a dragon who, charged with protecting a wizard fixated with reading and books, ends up becoming a great reader and a passionate defender of reading. Media Vaca, Poetry. This long ode in the form of a question from the great Chilean poet is illustrated by Isidro Ferrer with a kind of photographic collage of rare simplicity and beauty.

The Book of Verbs contains all the necessary information about verbs, from their components, tenses, and forms to the prepositions that accompany them, including the conjugation of all possible examples of regular and irregular verbs. A very useful reference work indeed!

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  • Die Liebe, alt wie die Welt (German Edition).
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Despite everybody saying that it is only a fantasy forest, Alexander departs in search of the diamond, thus entering a region where dreams and reality, in equal parts, are blended. Beautiful illustrations greatly enhance this lovely gem. The author takes a historical episode as a starting point and proceeds to construct a story which builds on those events, creating an atmosphere where mystery and fantasy fuse. At the same time, the author uses historical references which lend verisimilitude to the story as well as a cinematographic exposition that allows us to immerse ourselves in the world he has created.

This book allows the reader to just enjoy the words and feel what poetry evokes. They do so by means of drawings, photographs that show the use of the straight line in real life, and examples of how straight lines are interpreted in modern art. The above is seasoned with word games relative to meaning and form and completed with a dramatic fold-out that heightens the playful character of the work. There he experiences loneliness and longs for his family. He recovers some objects from the ship which the tides bring to the beach: a plastic chair, a great piece of fabric from a sail, a black telescope and a tattered novel.

Later he makes friends with a parrot. With the help of many others of his kind, the parrot will fly the boy back home. A dream story for the very young that will introduce them to adventure stories. Two boys are given a boat as a reward for doing well in school. When their parents leave them alone one evening, they imagine that the light flowing from a lamp is like a river on which they can travel in their boat to distant places. The text of this book will delight more advanced students with its symbolism and magic realism.

Youngsters will learn what life is like in the country, including the concerns and interests of its inhabitants, such as what they like to do in their free time, by means of simple texts matched with colorful images that irradiate joy and enthusiasm. Destino, Fiction. Each one of www. Together they will struggle for the good of mankind, but they have to meet before twelve trimesters pass. They are the twelve elect who every twelve times twelve years must complete a mission to save the world.

Such is the case that she thinks that her grandfather is a duke and that his home is Elanor Castle, an enchanted place. There is where she spends her daydream summer vacation. It is July already, there are few days of vacation left, and she begins preparations to get to this magic place and find new mysteries to solve.

Based on an anecdote taken from daily life —a spider www. Although the mother is absent, she is longed for as a protective being and as the balm of childhood fears. Everest, Rascielos For younger children ages An absolute delight for the eye and ear. Teresa Duran tackles the conflict www. There are no winners or losers in the struggle: the child clearly learns what to expect from his mother and he finally discovers on his own that scolding is not a sign of a lack of love. Yockteng, Rafael, il.

Libros Tigrillo: Groundwood Books, Gr Sparse, yet lovely pastel watercolor and pencil illustrations adorn the pages of this poetry anthology. Brief bios provide the major poetic works of each author. The book also includes an author and title cross-index. Photographs: Ribas, Artur Ed. Combel, Poetry. This book is written in short verses of simple rhythm and amusing consonant rhymes. The resources which this story uses to convince the protagonist of that necessity are humorously based on the loneliness and exhaustion of the small monster who lives in the closet, forced to inspire fear during the night and then having no bed where he can rest.

Marcos will help him with his troubles. The poetic text is accompanied by black-and-white illustrations that enhance the magical feeling of the story. Narrated in the first person, the novel recounts her life, the social context of the age in which she lived, and the scientific discoveries she made with her husband. Included at the end is a timeline with the most important events relative to the history, technology, and arts of the age. She is like a girl, and as such, lives, plays and learns to grow, always with overflowing joy and enthusiasm.

The story portrays his feelings and frustrations, yet positively shows the efforts he makes to learn are successful. Magnificent illustrations are rich in color and expression. Jennifer Battle. The ladybug protagonist is missing a dot, a flaw which alienates her from her fellow ladybugs and makes her feel bad. Her decision to travel and find new friends leads her to discover that they are animals of many colors on an island, where she immediately feels accepted.

A story to be read out loud and discussed with youngsters. This is when her adventure begins. A Norwegian scientist helps her and tells her a bunch of stories about whales and the sea. He also gives her a strange tool made from the ear of a blue whale so that our protagonist can discover what it is and how to use it. Clearly delineated illustrations in vivid colors animate the story, taken from real life but full of curiosities and anecdotes, which seeks the complicity of its readers.

Pleasant and visually attractive, the book is easy to read for beginning readers and appropriate for use in the classroom. It features eight stories which blend logic and literature. Each story includes various tests—enigmas, riddle and math problems—that the reader must solve so that he or she may continue reading and find out what happens. The authors use characters, settings and themes familiar to readers.

Fantasy, adventure and humor are included in the stories to demonstrate that mathematics pervades many aspects of our lives. An appendix with the solution and explanation of the problems is included. Japan: Shinseken, Losada, GR. PreS-3 The snakes have invited every animal to a huge party in the jungle. Jealous of the coral www. Dramatic woodcuts convey a sense of the mystery of jungle life.

In this book, the exercises included revolve around knowledge and preservation of the environment, with special attention paid to recycling. The explanations on how to recycle are detailed and clear, and a great variety of techniques are suggested. Gadir, Poetry. Will You Give It to Me? Two parallel stories, two points of view about a sole conflict, resolved in a common ending.

Among the themes covered are the capacity to recognize an error and set it right, empathy and generosity. Punto de encuentro For older children ages Irresistibly heart-warming, Newbery Medal-winning novel about ten-year-old Bud, an orphan during the Depression who escapes a bad foster home and sets out in search of the famous man who he believes to be his father. Sometimes the humor is kindly, sometimes it winks at the reader and other times it is unabashedly caustic. All will learn and grow if they join in this fantastic journey.

An invitation from Mr. Green brings together Mr. Yellow, Mr. Purple, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown and Mr. Once gathered at his home, the host reveals the motive for such an unexpected meeting. He has discovered a mysterious poster written in Latin that proposes a surprising challenge and he warns that if they dare to proceed, everything will change. The latter works as a restorer in the castle of Count Bruno and has discovered a mummy whom nobody knows anything about.

But the strangest thing is that the mummy has disappeared again, in spite of being under constant guard. Cloti and her assistant, Matias Plun, set out to resolve this mystery, for which they will have to find out about the history of the castle and its inhabitants. Friendship, love, youthful rebellion, and the struggle to find the truth are the themes which inform the novel.

This story www. Told by means of metaphors, the story allows the youngest reader to unlock the metaphoric keys of the situation without feeling blocked. Lupino has not been a ferocious wolf ever since he stopped having nightmares. But, where does one find a nightmare? Morris will have to gather together all the horrible things he can in order to make one. A funny story that is also quite mad. Bilingual U. A Salvadoran war refugee, the protagonist www. Each game is described in two pages, and includes a small illustration to assist comprehension and guidelines duration, age, materials needed, etc.

The ages for the games range from 6 to 14 or more years. Each reader will surely find a game to his liking in this book.

  1. The Secret Door to Success;
  2. Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal: Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad.
  3. Youth America Grand Prix 2001.
  4. Metaphysics and the Art of Dying.
  5. Strobe Edge, Vol. 5.

Translated Scholastic Inc. The beautiful, color illustrations occupy a prominent role and depict faithfully the traditions, everyday scenes, and landscapes of the island. Forget the Toucans! Months later, they both go on a visit to Buenos Aires, to the surprise of relatives who only expect the boy. Accustomed to the fast and practical life of the great city, for them the caged toucan is an inconvenient and disgraceful companion.

La Galera, X Fiction. The legends of Liberia or Mali, or the story from the Afro-Cuban tradition show the close relationship with nature maintained by African tribal peoples. Bilingual Luna Rising, This is an excellent introduction to Celia and her music. The rabbit does everything he can to become black like his friend i.

In the end, he marries a black rabbit and they have beautiful babies of all colors. The message and the illustrations in this beautiful story make it a perfect book for use with young and adolescent students. The story www. It is also a story of overcoming the emotional isolation suffered by Marina, a girl full of emotions, ideas and concerns, who suffers in silence because of her paralyzing shyness.

Media Vaca, Fiction. These stories—which really are interviews converted into stories— highlight, with a very moving rawness, their shameful and, for that reason, no less incredible daily circumstance. Some of the themes covered in the book are differences in dress due to the time and place where one lives and the clothes that we need for the work that we do. The illustrations, closely related to the best graphic humor as exemplified by the comics, do nothing but enhance this approach to the world of dress.

Planeta-Oxford, X Theater. The protagonist is Queen Berenguela, an attractive historical character with an aura of legend, who here embodies the need for love and the desire for freedom, and who seems headed for a tragic destiny. The thieves have murdered the owner at the door and the policewoman investigates the crime. Wendy is taken by surprise by the gang, who try to kill her, but she is braver than even she thought she was, and, after escaping from the gang, nothing nor nobody can stifle her determination to solve such a complicated case.

The unique and creative setting in the night sky are brought alive by remarkable art and color. On this occasion, he becomes involved in a story of blackmail and murder. A quick and summary exercise of justice implicates the true victim of the story. Only Flanagan is convinced of his innocence and refuse to wash his hands of the matter.

The story takes place in a marginal Barcelona neighborhood where payos non-gypsies and gypsies coexist and in which vigilante patrols formed by payos impose their own justice. Colorful illustrations occupy most of the pages depicting the different stages of the story. Tikal, Informative Works and Reference Works.

This book contains a series of practical tips to make this task easier. And the thing is: all dogs are not alike. Each canine race possesses unique characteristics which define the personalities of its member. With these suggestions, future pet owners will be able to determine and choose the dog that suits them best. Robinson : Cenosite from Bancroft, Ontario. Canadian Mineralogist 8, Rocks and Minerals Rocks and Minerals ; Can Mineral December v. Sundstrom property. Radioactive mineral deposits of the Pembroke-Renfrew area.

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Anaya, Informative Works and Reference Works. You mean he took his own life? Seems random at the moment. Madrid, pp. It was actually Jake.

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