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Instead, use your empathic abilities to determine who is in need and how you might help them. An example might be offering to pay for groceries in the checkout line for a struggling family in front of you. It could also mean donating your time, which is a form of money, to your favorite charity. When you give from a place of genuine love and compassion to others, you make room greater happiness, which is the precursor to wealth. It is no coincidence that you took the time to read this article.

You can absolutely attract wealth into your life right now by following the 7 steps that have been outlined here.

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Notice the title of this post read simple steps and not easy. Change is a process that takes time. This is true of most things, such as a shift in how we think about money. Finally, remember that most people who are financially stable became that way through good old fashioned hard work and an honest, deep abiding belief in the self. I hope you will consider reading as part of your journey towards financial freedom. Thanks for taking the time to stop by Reaching Life Goals here on Psychcentral. Described as folksy and down to earth, Dr. John Moore infuses current events and pop culture into his posts as a way of communicating wider points on issues related to wellness and goal attainment.

He is a consultant to a number of Fortune companies and institutions of Higher Learning. Or via RSS Feed. Find help or get online counseling now. By John D. For now however, all I ask is that you keep an open mind and continue reading. Money and Mindfulness Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with money. As a conduit to insight, I will this use blog post to impart what I have learned to you. What follows are 7 simple steps to instantly attract wealth to your life — meaning right now.

Are you ready? Believe your are worthy of happiness Part of attracting wealth requires that you believe you are worthy of happiness. Clear negative energy. Embrace the simple things and fill yourself with peace. Respect the power of money Money is the byproduct of your hard work and labor. Study wealth Attracting wealth into your life requires that you go beyond wishful thinking. Give money away This final point relates to the spiritual and Karmic power of money. Final Thoughts on Attracting Wealth It is no coincidence that you took the time to read this article.

Think about how you can deliver better experiences by means of more innovative opportunities. A shout out on the main stage or logo placement on your event collateral is worth zero. Think about that. What are they looking to do, traditionally and this year? Get your thinking in line with their mission. What they share is often what they value. Then create your offering based on that conversation. After all, you may have the occasional sponsor who has very exacting needs or vision for a package. But in most cases, you have the analytics and understanding of your audience and are best placed to offer tempting solutions.

If they have something in mind, work with them. If you can do it successfully, you can build a long-term valuable relationship for all involved, including you. Why are sponsorship opportunities often so hard to secure? This is primarily because event planners are often not comfortable with the sponsorship process and finding the right sponsors.

Or, often, they fail to understand what the potential sponsor is looking for. Here are the most common:. Companies who want to sell a product at a particular venue will often seek a sponsorship relationship because they can negotiate terms such as exclusivity or guaranteed exposure to the attendee.

This is the most important objective for food and beverage sponsors, whose interest in the sponsorship opportunity is to be able to serve or pour product at your event. Pro tip: pay special attention to whether or not the venue has an exclusive contract with another brand that may prevent the sponsor from serving their product.

Companies releasing new products love testing new products at entertainment-related events. Putting products into the hands of thousands of happy event-goers is very appealing to sponsors. Pro tip: include them in goodie bags, as toys on chairs during sessions, or free samples at the booth. One powerful feature of event sponsorship is that event planners understand the demographic and economic makeup of the audience. Pro tip: consider your main market and become known for it. Market it accordingly. Eventually sponsors interested in that demographic will come to you.

To Enhance General Awareness Your sponsor wants to stay in front of consumers.

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Due to the hyper-competitive industries they operate in, brands such as Pepsi and Nike sponsor hundreds of different types of events each year. Everything from cricket tournaments to the Super Bowl to local little league baseball games. These brands feel their customers need to be constantly reminded of them. For most sponsors, the reality is that brand awareness is difficult to measure and therefore often not an important factor. Pro tip: show the sponsor historical data such as how a certain attendee demographic will be in attendance, that will resonate even more with the sponsor. One strategy companies use to break into new markets is building relationships with the community.

For example, a dairy company seeking to displace a powerful incumbent brand in Las Vegas recently began sponsoring a wide variety of events, including wine and food festivals. Due to their aggressive approach to building local relationships, the dairy was recently rewarded with a multimillion-dollar contract that had been held by another dairy for decades. Pro tip: offer the brand a way to get seen doing things like giving back and connecting.

Spreading their mission is more important to them than their logo. An effective method of rehabilitating a struggling brand is to associate that brand with prestigious events. During the s, Hyundai had a lackluster quality reputation in the US. Although their reliability ratings were higher than some other brands, the perception of American consumers was that the Hyundai family of cars, including KIA, were poor quality vehicles. As part of a strategy to counter this perception, Hyundai began sponsoring prestigious events like PGA golf tournaments and the Australian Open tennis tournament.

It worked, now Hyundai is competing directly with Toyota and Honda. Pro tip: exhibiting your reputation as a quality event is key to landing a sponsor like this. To Block Competition Your sponsor is preoccupied with its competitors. To these industries, being able to displace a competitor is a major focus and advantage. Brands often will sponsor an event simply to block one of their competitors from doing so. Pro tip: exclusivity sells with this type of sponsor.

For Social Responsibility and Corporate Philanthropy Your sponsor promotes or wants to create a caring image. Most brands, even smaller ones, set aside dollars each year to spend on corporate social responsibility. Why do they do this? They have a goal of social responsibility ingrained into their brand message. In fact, you should never refer to it as a donation.

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A sponsorship decision is often a lengthy and thoughtful process. The decision to invest in your event will only happen when the brand big or small believes doing so will help it achieve one or more of the objectives listed above. Pro tip: If you are approaching a brand that cares about certain issues, emphasize how a sponsorship relationship with your event can help achieve this goal. It also is wise to show how your event is in line with their mission. Hopefully, by now you have a pretty solid idea of what will be valuable to sponsors, the unique opportunities your event can offer and what you expect to receive in return.

With sponsorship programs, you want to create win-win partnerships that deliver value for all those involved. You have put in the hard work and research and have given some serious thought to what you have to offer sponsors and at what price. The next step is to create your event sponsorship collateral and to reach out to all of the potential leads you have identified and convince them your event is worth their investment.

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Create assets for each influencer, including a landing page, creative and any offers. Upgrade your thinking and improve your social intelligence. If you continue using the site, we'll assume you're okay with this. Seven also crops up in a number of prominent places:. Governing Law. Part of attracting wealth requires that you believe you are worthy of happiness.

They want to work with an event organizer that can help them shine. And that means producing a sizeable return on the investment. However you are presenting the sponsorship opportunities, you will be most successful if your approach is personalized to the sponsor. The days of one-size fits all are over. Do your research on LinkedIn and Google. Read press releases. What is the company targeting and what do they seem most concerned with?

Use this information to create a personalized approach using the data you learned and crafting a sponsorship opportunity that will meet their needs. This is something that was created specifically for them. You need this document to speak for you. The Audience. The Competition. The Exposure. You need to spend a lot of time on this. Be specific. Walk through the scenarios. The first several things you include in the proposal affect their decision making in the investment. But that data is not beneficial if they glance at it or miss key information.

Keep in mind they will be scanning the information at this initial stage, so make it easy to read and visually appealing. If you have statistics about your attendees and we hope you do , create graphics that make them easy to digest.

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Adding graphics also breaks up the visual monotony of text. You can include images of the event or video but try to keep them as pertinent as possible and not just generic marketing shots. Another fun addition is attendee testimonials in the form of social media posts. Keep this section brief, but stories are often a good introduction.

One of the most effective ones you can tell in a sponsorship proposal is how your organization helped another sponsor have their most effective return to date. Set the stage by introducing the challenges they faced and how you helped, but ultimately they did the work. The reason you take this tack is that it will help them easily envision their own success. It places the head marketer in the hero seat, which is a much more intoxicating thought than merely paying money to your company.

You will help them shine, and that is very appealing to most employees. Less Is More. Less is more in the perfect sponsorship proposal.

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Need more sponsorship revenue? Try these ideas:. Tell your event story better. Think of sponsorship as a courtship. Sure looking good on paper is important but so is romance. Upsell your sponsors. Align your mission statement with the potential headline sponsor. Take the time to explain your reporting so they can feel confident in your method. Speak their language. They will see you as a partner in their success and will want to invest more heavily in your event. Help sponsors target messaging to your audience by providing important data.

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Encourage them to personalize things and not send out giant email blasts to everyone. Again, this shows an interest in their success, which will make them want to do the same for you. Offer bundling options. If someone wants to commit to several similar activities like three out of four of your sessions , make it worth their while to sponsor all 4. Do you run a recurring event? If so your sponsorship approach will be a little different to a one-time event, or one that runs once or twice a year. Read on for specific strategy for regularly run events.

Recurring events come with their own set of challenges when creating sponsorship packages. How do you create sponsorship programs? Do you sell out the entire season as one sponsorship? Or sell them individually on a per event basis? Follow these tips for creating knockout sponsorship programs for your recurring event. But if your event runs for a set number of weeks or a season, looking for sponsors who will become true partners will save you the headache of the administration of switching horses midstream.

Many of them have money to use and are just looking for the right group to do it with. Whatever you want to do. In order for them to become partners, they may need to see certain actions on your end. Try to:. Find out what their needs are or their pain points, or their ideal customer, and create packages that sing to them. You want them to support you for your season, you need to show them this relationship is important to you and you can do that by creating something just for them. Provide Helpful Event Data Throughout the Event Life Cycle Before signing them, ensure they have the data they need to understand the value of your event in the eyes of their demographic.

People do business with, and sponsor, those they know, like, and trust. Providing this information in near real-time will help them trust your operation. If you know your audience demographics line up, keep the lines of communication open. Budgets and business needs change. Stay in communication providing updated data and ROI calculations. Concentrate on Sponsor Visibility To Entice New Sponsors If you are approaching a business for the first time, a business who has not sponsored something previously or over the long term, it may not have all of the materials it needs.

Look for ways in which you might be able to help by calling in business contacts and minimizing the friction involved in them being able to support you and your event.

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The proposed sponsor may not have the necessary branding and collateral to make it advantageous for them. Communities love recurring events because it often means recurring revenue for the area as well. You want this to be successful for them too. It might appeal to them if you can provide the physical branding materials, such as stage scrims, for them as part of the agreed sponsorship amount.

Be Honest About Your Recurring Event Audience Profile Is your recurring event the type that draws a new crowd each week or is it the same old group each time? This will be important to sponsors. Sponsors who sell a product or service that has a long sales cycle may enjoy having the same crowd visit each week because they can begin to build a following and reach out.

Sponsors who are looking to create brand recognition may also enjoy the same group. However, some sponsors will shy away from weekly recurring events because it is the same old group of attendees. These sponsors will often be businesses who do not deal with repeat business. Be honest about your crowd so your sponsors are not under any delusion about attendees. Are they from out of town or locals? For instance, if your potential sponsor is interested in local attendees and you get more of those during the week, you might consider a weekday sponsorship instead of weekends or something that is tailored to their needs and gives them the greatest potential reach for their ideal demographic.

What else is going on during the time you are hosting your events? Are the sponsors you are approaching involved in any of these other events? Does it preclude them from participating in yours? If they publish them, look at their sponsor list. Do you get more local traffic? Do you get more visitors? Analysis can help you see sponsor overlaps and potential. Go for the Long-term Sponsorship Commitment Long-term costs will be lower if you can secure sponsorship commitment for the full event duration. If not, try to secure the largest time possible such as a month or six week commitment.

The added security is a huge benefit to your event and will save you money in printing, showcasing the sponsors, and other administrative and marketing concerns. Give them something they want in return for their commitment. What can you give them exclusively? If your event goes through multiple years make it easy for them to say yes to several years. Now that you know what sponsors want, how to make them happy, and how it should be a symbiotic relationship that benefits everyone, here are 50 event sponsorship ideas to get you started:.

This will put their branding and messaging front and center whilst providing a convenient service for attendees. Seize the Sponsorship Opportunities in Travel There are several travel-related sponsorship opportunities available to events. These include airport pick-ups and transfers, hotel pick-ups and transportation to and from external events. Partner With Sponsors to Personalize the Attendee Hotel Experience Work with sponsors to make attendees feel welcome when they get to their hotel room by leaving a helpful welcome package or gift.

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Sponsored Live Streaming Live streaming offers events to reach a much wider audience. This opportunity could easily be extended to sponsors with branded feeds.

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Since real estate is at a premium here, you may need to offer rotating banners to accommodate more sponsors or charge for the exclusivity. Sponsored Wellness Health and wellness areas and massage bars can be an opportunity to associate brand messaging with a positive, feel-good attendee experience. Use Sponsored Cabanas for a Party Vibe Cabanas can be a great sponsorship opportunity if your event is held at a resort.

Whether it's a YouTube video with thousands of views, or a photo that is tweeted and retweeted, if your promotional material goes 'viral' it can give your public profile a huge boost. There is no magic formula to viral marketing - but something quirky, interesting and funny is more likely to capture people's imaginations. Write a great press release. Press releases serve two purposes - you can add them to the news section of your site, link to them from your social media accounts, and send them to journalists.

Ensure you have an eye-catching headline and a strong, summarising opening paragraph before getting into the details. How we sell retro sweets online. How to encourage word-of-mouth recommendations.