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Your email address will not be published. Facebook Twitter 0 Items. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Rated 5. Are they dealing with a serial killer? Are there other victims? And who is the mastermind in this whole production? I'm very surprised that Caged is a debut novel, because Ellison Cooper's writing is very crisp and smart—she can tell a story while it crafts in your imagination.

Without spilling too many of them in this review, Sayer comes from a rough past, no matter how privileged her upbringing. Also, the relationship between Sayer and her team in the DC FBI is just so standard and typical of crime-fiction novels, that you can literally take the dialogue, switch out the names of the people, and BAM it's the next crime-fiction novel at your fingertips.

I was expecting more original dialogue and a more interesting arc. A little over halfway through, a break in the case is so unbelievable that I knew I just needed to get this story over with. That being said, the crimes committed in Caged were dark, disturbing, and yet oh so intriguing. This is definitely not the type of book that you'd read late at night without checking behind the shower curtain beforehand.

I kind of got OA on Netflix vibes while reading about the victims. Caged provides the shock value that readers come to expect with this genre. I would recommend readers to pick up Caged if they haven't dabbled too far into the crime fiction novel, but have a strong stomach for the grotesque. I love serial killer thrillers, so I was really excited to read Caged in the month of October - since I'd heard it was good and creepy, I figured it would fit in perfectly with the Halloween season! Caged started off with a bang, and kept me hooked the entire time. I originally planned on reading a few chapters before bed I should have known better!

I couldn't put it down! I was so hooked! I really liked Sayer as our protagonist. She was a multi-faceted character who generally does a good job at separating work from her emotions you have to in her job, otherwise you'd go crazy , but as her case progresses and more young girls are involved, she can't keep her emotions in check any longer. I loved how fast paced the book was - I didn't feel like it dragged at any point. The killer in the book is very smart and meticulous - everything was well thought out and well planned, so fans of similar books think The Fourth Monkey and UNSUB will like this one!

It's dark, but not as violent as Karin Slaughter's books, so people who like the subjects she writes about but have a hard time stomaching her gruesome, graphic descriptions should find this one to be a nice happy medium. I had a theory in the beginning of the book that turned out to be wrong, and didn't see what was actually happening until it was about to hit me in the face, which is always a win in my book - I love a good twist! All in all, I rated this one 5 stars, and am very much looking forward to the next book in the series!

I definitely recommend this one to fans of twisted serial-killer-thrillers!


The story is very good, and the cast of characters have enough separation of personalities to keep them from blending together. While the serial killer idea has been done, author Ellison Cooper adds a few twists that make this story her own. What I suspected might happen to the plot direction suddenly became more reality than fear. Like all readers, I enjoy when the author can devise a twist that is totally unexpected yet still makes sense.

In her attempt to fool the reader, Ms. Cooper has elevated this story to the fantastic as in unreal level, forcing me to accept a possibility that frays the last remaining strands of my belief structure. Could this story happen? Maybe…possibly…then again… What kept me reading until the end and why I will recommend this book is that despite the plot twist, Ms.

Even with the issue I described above, it is impossible to give this book less than four stars. My thanks to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for a complimentary advance copy of this book. Feb 25, Laura Rash rated it really liked it. This was really different. Thanks to Minotaur for this early copy:. When a young girl is found dead in a cage, FBI neuroscientist Sayer Altair must take a break from her research into the brains of serial killers. This killer seems to be very sadistic, letting the young victim slowly starve to death, but strangely, had given the girl a puppy.

The case is complicated further by the fact that the girl is the daughter of a senator. Sayer tries to figure out the killers motive, but the situation becomes dire when they realize another girl is locked up somewhere RE When a young girl is found dead in a cage, FBI neuroscientist Sayer Altair must take a break from her research into the brains of serial killers. Sep 05, Jessica Woodbury added it Shelves: crime-mystery. While I see this referred to as a "procedural," I wouldn't put it in that bucket.

To me this falls firmly into "thriller. This is not that. This is a Thriller where there's a new twist every five pages, with short chapters, and a highly unrealistic story. I keep waiting for the Thriller that really does it for me, but this wasn't it sadly. The setu While I see this referred to as a "procedural," I wouldn't put it in that bucket. The setup was way too out there, the neuroscience hook was not scientific oh no, 3 out of 12 don't fit my hypothesis, I must throw out the whole idea, honey that's not how science works , and the ticking clock didn't add to the stakes.

This is how I react to most thrillers, though. So if Thrillers are your jam, this will probably suit you just fine. I won this book in a goodreads drawing. A serial killer novel with an interesting premise that is smothered under the weight of PC pretentiousness. I felt the reader did a good job, even if her Cajun accent needs some work.

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Caged is a film noir directed by John Cromwell and starring Eleanor Parker, Agnes Moorehead, Betty Garde, Hope Emerson, and Ellen Corby. Caged can refer to: Incarceration, the detention of a person in prison. Film and TV [edit]. Caged ( film), an American film directed by John Cromwell and.

Jun 27, Darcia Helle rated it it was ok Shelves: ebooks , review-copies , fiction , suspense-thriller-mystery. Despite the brutal content, Caged is ultimately a forgettable book for me. I expected psychological suspense, based on the description, but this book is a straight forward police procedural. Sayer, the lead character, is a neuroscientist, yet her part is mostly interchangeable with any cop character.

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The brain science touched on regarding the specific serial murder case is minimal. The research Sayer is privately working on reads like it was lifted off a pop culture social science book. In fact, Despite the brutal content, Caged is ultimately a forgettable book for me.

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In fact, the research she talks about is now fairly well known and is certainly no longer groundbreaking stuff. I was disappointed that Sayer's neuroscience background wasn't a stronger part of the story. The pacing is slow. We investigate along with Sayer, and then we go to the team's daily meetings and rehash everything we've already learned. These scenes could have been condensed for better flow.

I found myself skimming a lot. Character development is weak. Sayer slowly comes alive but gives us mixed messages. She rides a motorcycle, does her own thing despite what people think, and is independent. Yet she's also overly dramatic and, at times, seems desperate for approval. She continually ignores her grandmother's calls for no clear reason, leading us to believe they have a strained relationship at best, but then we later see they have a strong and loving relationship.

The mixed messages make it difficult to get an honest sense of Sayer's character. The other characters don't have standout personalities, but only fill their intended parts. This book has a solid start and definitely grabbed my interest. But all too quickly the pace slowed and the characters didn't give me anything special. The graphic content with the killer felt almost gratuitous; a way to grab the reader when the plot and characters weren't doing enough.

And, finally, the ending was far too overblown and implausible for me to buy into the story as a whole. Jul 23, Alice Blanchard rated it it was amazing. I crave a good book that unfolds like a movie. Great premise. The tick-tock pace I crave a good book that unfolds like a movie. Thick jowls hung like slabs of meat off his face. While pursuing the killer, she must crawl inside his creepy head - by studying the diary he left behind - in search of more clues, crawling through the catacombs of psychopathy, right up to the face-punch ending. Highly recommended. Mar 28, Jay -hooked on books rated it really liked it Shelves: reviews-written.

Sayer Altair is a neuroscientist with the FBI. When the body of a young woman is found, abducted and subsequently left to starve to death in a metal cage in an abandoned house, Sayer gets called in to lead the investigation. As a researcher who studies serial killer brains, Sayer has come across gruesome homicide cases, but it is soon evident that this investigation she's leading will surpass all other cases in its infamy and depravity. The stakes are upped when the investigators realise there's Sayer Altair is a neuroscientist with the FBI. The stakes are upped when the investigators realise there's a young woman who could be alive, but well at the brink of death, and they need to unearth every piece of evidence and find the person behind all of this.

Caged is a suspenseful tale chock-full of twists and turns. It will keep you guessing and wondering till the end. As Sayer is forced to question every thing they're uncovering, so will the reader, because all is not as it seems. By the end of the book, you will find yourself rooting for more of Sayer Altair, more of her partnership with Vik, and to know more about the events that have shaped Sayer into who she is. Jan 01, Nancy McFarlane rated it it was amazing. Sayer Altair is a neuroscientist whose main research is to study the brains of serial killers to see if a common anomaly can be detected.

She joined the FBI expecting to mostly do research but soon finds herself the lead on the hunt for a sadistic killer who starved a young girl to death locked in a cage. When a second young girl is kidnapped the hunt to find her alive intensifies as does the pressure on Sayer from her boss and from a prominent senator whose daughter was the first victim.

The sc Sayer Altair is a neuroscientist whose main research is to study the brains of serial killers to see if a common anomaly can be detected.

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The science and forensics are amazing; the motive of the killer is totally unexpected as is his method of achieving his goal. The action is non-stop and the well-developed characters leave you wanting to continue to be a part of their lives. Jun 17, Michelle rated it really liked it. Book review can be found on my blog here: www. It pulls you in and keeps you hooked from the first page. In this book FBI neuroscientist Sayer works with the police force to solve a crime after the body of a girl is found in the basement of what appears to be an abandoned house.

The girl appears to have been murdered, but by whom? The FBI and local police fo Book review can be found on my blog here: www. The FBI and local police force work hard to try to uncover what happened, who is responsible, and why. They then face the question - are there more victims?

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Is this an isolated case or are they in search of a serial killer on the loose? This book I found very interesting. It keeps your interest throughout, as you try to uncover the mystery of what exactly happened and who was responsible.

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I thought I figured out who the murderer was only to find out I was completely wrong. And the truth shocked me, did not expect that at all. This is a great book that was a true pleasure to read. This is one creepy, chilling, twisted thriller! A gruesome crime scene is discovered as a young woman is found starved to death and locked in a cage.

FBI agent and neuroscientist Sayer Altair gets called in to lead the investigation. This is a horrendous case and Altair has seen her fair share of evil; she conducts research on the brains of serial killers, however this case is next level Many thanks to Minotaur Books for providing my free copy of CAGED by Ellison Cooper - all opinions are my own. My favorite thing about this cop versus serial killer thriller is the plot. I mean, a serial killer that holds his victims captive in a cage for so long they die of dehydration, is riveting.

The other aspect I love is the introduction of neuroscience used as a tool to help solve the case. I am completely into all things science and the study of human behavior so I love that it is a skill used by the main protagonist. May 08, David Putnam rated it liked it. Not for me. I made it to page Loved the opening and the writing in the beginning. Good voice, descriptions and setup. I was really carried along. I thought the dialogue was over tagged but that's easy to get around.

Then I came to the part about how a smart, intelligent protagonist a highly educated senior Special Agent drives a motorcycle, which I could halfway accept. But then the motorcycle has a side car and she drives her 71 year old grandmother around in it. Then there was the murder Not for me. Then there was the murder victim no one knew had a twin. The opening started out as a tough and gritty and smart serial killer story then shifted to a mashup with smatterings of a cozy as if it couldn't decide which audience to pander to.

David Putnam the author of the Bruno Johnson series. View 2 comments. May 02, Natalie [genreneutralreader] rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. When I first got going on this book I realized it reminded me a lot of the early John Sanford Prey novels. After a while I saw that Ellison Cooper definitely has her own voice and a unique perspective.

There is no pretentiousness, which I absolutely love when reading novels that incorporate science into their fiction. Sayer, Vic, and Ezra are all characters I would like to read about in future novels if this were to become part of a series. Overall, I thought Caged was a riveting thriller with good twists and turns and a cast of characters that would lend themselves well to a series.

Thanks to author Ellison Cooper, St. I thoroughly enjoyed it! May 20, KC rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , behavior , serial-killer , suspense , crime. FBI neuroscientist Sayer Altair hopes to one day unravel the mysteries of the human brain and she may get her chance when assigned to a bizarre murder case where a young woman's body is found in a suspended cage. When another girl goes missing, Sayer must race against the clock to unlock the killer's motives before this murderer claims an additional victim. This is a fast paced thriller which reads like a prime time television show.

Apr 28, Kristina Nowell rated it really liked it. Caged follows a Neuroscientist with the FBI named Sayer Altair as she embarks on a journey to finding the serial killer who had booby-trapped the house where he was holding a girl imprisoned in a suspended cage, and wounded a D. As Altair and her partner Vik begin unraveling the events that led to the young girls death due to dehydration in that cage, they fear that there may be another girl being held hostage somewhere else by the same killer.

Ellison Cooper manages to fully entice her readers with a story not only full to the brim with suspense but also a deep psychological thrill that raises your hairs on their ends. The ending was definitely a shocker and I enjoyed that the novel was finished off with room for a sequel or even a full on series. First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher St. She is devoting her time to researching the brains of convicted serial killers to try and find a common link.

She hopes to find something that may indicate that the same problem exists in all of them, and if found early enough, their predilections to murder may have been averted. She seems to have hit an impasse. When they realize another girl is about to suffer the same fate, they have a limited amount of time to find her. That means finding a connection to the two girls. Sayer starts to dig deep, but one dead end keeps leading to another, as she realizes they are being manipulated by the killer, who seems adept at creating and planting evidence.

The killer may be closer than they think. My Opinions: This was a really good book, especially for a debut novel. I am not sure why, but I struggled at the beginning. However, once I got going, I could hardly put it down. Cooper created likable and believable characters in Sayer, Vik and Ezra, and the supporting cast Nana and Tino in particular were great additions. I love the fact that Sayer is a strong female with a science background. The book read smoothly as the plot developed and the suspense built. Twists abound. The writing is very good, with the right amount of gruesomeness to keep it real, and the dialogue felt right.

It definitely kept me entertained. For a debut novel, I was really impressed, and am looking forward to more. May 17, Lindsey rated it really liked it Shelves: from-publisher , arcs. Many thanks to Minotaur Books for my free advance copy in exchange for an honest review. I was also nervous after hearing about some animal involvement, but I decided to proceed with caution and give it a chance after several people assured me I wouldn't be traumatized.

There was brief mention of an animal's death but there is no torture, mutilation or sacrifice, all of which would have had me throwing my book across the room. Caged is fast paced, addictive and pleasantly dark and disturbing. Towards the end there was one aspect of the plot that began to feel a little repetitive, but the way that it was first introduced was brilliant. I had the killer pegged earlier than was probably intended, but it still made for a good twist and a great read. The very last page made me want to scream.

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There's one big unanswered question that's thrown in your face, which I might have hated if I hadn't found out there is already a sequel in the works. I'm looking forward to reading the next installment in the Sayer Altair series. Jul 20, Emily Duchon rated it really liked it Shelves: frictional-fiction , i-die-in-this-book , favorites , women-who-inspire-me , crazy-pants , scary-shit , police-siren , girlsgirlsgirls.

Jul 26, Emma L. I was a bit disappointed with this book. Jul 21, Terri Wino rated it liked it Shelves: year This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This review contains minor spoilers, but nothing revealing major plot points. I was really looking forward to this book because the description made it sound like an absolute page turner.

Unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to the hype for me. First, the positives. It is definitely fast-paced and there weren't really any boring patches. I liked the character of Sayer very much; she is someone you want to see succeed and there honestly wasn't anything about her I didn't like. This book starts o This review contains minor spoilers, but nothing revealing major plot points. This book starts out strongly and sucks the reader in -- you immediately want to find out what's going to happen next and what kind of twisted villain we're dealing with.

The first half of the book is pretty damn good, especially for a debut author. Unfortunately, things sort of started to fall apart for me around the halfway mark. First of all, I had a REALLY hard time finding it believable -- and here's the minor spoiler -- that a character who had just lost both legs in an explosion would be jumping right back into work from their hospital bed within mere days.

I mean, the psychological effect alone of losing a limb not to mention more than one , and the physical pain, I would think would be mentally debilitating to the average person. I just found this part of the book so unbelievable.

While there were a few red herrings, I thought it was pretty easy to guess who the unsub they were chasing would turn out to be, and my guess turned out to be correct. That in itself wouldn't detract from my enjoyment of the book, but when the culprit is finally revealed and the sheer number and manner of their crimes is uncovered, all I could think was, "Oh, come on! You have got to be kidding me.

And the reason behind their current series of attacks? Sorry, I just had a hard time swallowing that one. Is this book worth the time to read? Despite my negatives about it, I would absolutely say it is. This author had a great concept, but I just feel the end result wasn't as good as it could have been. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Ellison Cooper. Ellison Cooper. Ellison Cooper has a Ph. She now lives in the Bay Ellison Cooper has a Ph.