Tuck Me In For Bedtime Prayers

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bosol.com/screenshot/nonfiction/3474.php We give thanks.

Bedtime Prayer - Night Prayer Before You Sleep - Evening Prayer Before Going To Bed

We entrust to God all that makes our hearts heavy. We sigh in gratitude at the chance to live this one, precious life. We squirm and jump up and down. The toddler grabs the baby for a kiss. The toddler then jumps on the dog kissing him as well. The baby grabs a book stuffing it in his mouth.

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We pray with our words and our bodies. In those moments of prayer I remember the communities and the people across our town and the world who join us in this simple prayer. In this most powerful prayer. I tuck the kids in bed. I hear their protests and cries. The lights turn off and I entrust their rest to God. My days in Lent do look different in this season of my life. But they are no less faithful. I am grateful for the worship of my days feeding, cleaning, reading, bathing, and playing. My hubby most always tucked our girls in at night when they were young. It was their time.

Incidentally, both girls had it played before he walked them down the aisle on their wedding day.

When Your Baby Sleeps

I had decided my middle schooler no longer needed my presence when he went to bed, but I desperately missed that bonding time with him. I said them myself as a child. He hated jammies.. Sound faith lessons set to a captivating tune are well worth the small financial investment. This was his work, and he was adept at it. For both children and adults, Dr.

As our girls grew older, bedtime was a time for us to chat about life and dreams. Many tears were shed when life was hard. Uncontrollable laughs could also be heard throughout the house during bedtime rituals.

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I never quite knew what to expect They constantly gauge your reactions to their words during the daytime. I had no idea where this post was going when I clicked over from Facebook, but it was such a good encouragement and reminder to me. By far one of my favorite times! Its a small way to get some good one-on-one time with your little ones.

BEDTIME PRAYERS: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and the Daily Examen

What a great post!! I would love to have you share at Sharing Saturday. So true! Great article… I love those last 10 minutes of the day hearing about my daughters day. Sweet precious moments! I actually remember my parents doing this when I was growing up with my sisters. We would ask them to lay with us for a few minutes after lights were out.

Traditional Prayers

He would also tell stories from his childhood he was kind of a trouble maker! It is the easiest time to connect with the kids for sure.

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The other day, Becky and I were telling the kids embarrassing stories about things that happened to us as kids.